We are delighted to offer you three ways to save on your stay at

Tropical Haven:


1.   Free Snorkel Rentals on all 2 week stays between Sept. 30, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2015.

2.   Cash customers staying 1 week or more will receive a 10% discount off balance. 

               *Cannot be combined with other discounts

3.   Help us stock up on hard to find, expensive on the island supplies:

You purchase items from the following list and bring them down with your receipt.  You will be reimbursed for the full price of the item, plus receive a discount off your stay as listed below.

  • Items must meet specified requirements below;
  • No luggage fees will be reimbursed.   Please only bring what you have room for and can comfortably carry;
  • Maximum discount $50 per stay


Bath Mats:

   Price:      Maximum $8.00 per Mat
   Colors:         Blue, Green, Striped or Multi Color
   Brand:      Any
   Size:     Minimum 21″ x 34″
   Disc.      (4) mats $25

Bath Towels: 

   Price:      Maximum $5.00 per Towel
   Colors:         Blue, Green, Yellow, White, White with stripes on trim
   Brand:      Wal-Mart Mainstays
   Size:     Standard (they have 2 weights, the heavier one)
   Disc.      (6) Towels $25

Special Items:

  • Please email for a list of items & discounts.
  • These are items we would like to order and have shipped to you for transport.
  • Items vary in size and weight, you can pick.